AdamsGrips A division of Krichbaum Enterprises

How We Got Started

I have worked for many years as a machinist. I was approached by a friend who owned a compact pistol. He asked me to make a grip extension that allowed a full grip on his pistol since he has large hands. He had purchased a grip extension from one of the prominent companies that make such devices and found that they did not meet his needs. I created something for him that made the pistol feel more secure in his hand, while shooting with the extra grip length. I found that there were others with the same complaint and similar interests.

In February of 2011 I purchased equipment to manufacture these products in my home shop, and AdamsGrips was born.  I started designing new models and in September of 2011 we offered them for sale on a prominent online auction site. The first one sold the next day and they have continued to be a popular item. We now have 42 different models to offer and are always working on new ones, to add to our available products. All our products are manufactured near Otterbein, Indiana USA.