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  • Ruger SR22 by Adamsgrips

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    Ruger SR22 grip extension by AdamsGrips. This item does not alter the weapon in any way but adds about .9 inches of grip for those of us that have large hands and own a compact pistol. These extensions do not add to the capacity of the magazine.

    The added length of the grip extension is the overall length and is from the bottom of the gun not in addition to the original base plate.

    Designed to work with the stock magazine only.

    will not work with the promag magazine

    This item will replace the factory base plate on the magazine.  You would need one for each magazine you want to extend.

    Our products are NEW but do not include retail packaging

    Our products will not work with aftermarket magazines

    At AdamsGrips, all of our extensions can be changed with virtually no tools. You could install with a toothpick.

    Our products are made from durable engineered plastic. 

    You are buying one grip extension, and nothing else.

    Our grip extensions are made in black only with a matte finish. 

    Shipping is to USA ONLY. No International sales.

    Here at AdamsGrips we currently manufacture Grip Extensions for many different models and we are adding new ones rapidly. Check my other listings for more models. If you do not see what you need, please let us know, we might be working on it. I will let you know what we can do for you.

    All Indiana addresses will be charged sales tax..

    We manufacture our own products in Otterbein Indiana  USA

    If your shipping address is wrong and your item is returned to me, you will be responsible to cover the shipping back to you the second time.

    Please use some common sense here. Compressed springs are under great pressure. Never disassemble your magazine while loaded with ammunition.

    To install, locate the access hole in the bottom of the base plate. This is on the bottom of the magazine. Press upwards in that hole about 1/8 of an inch, this will release the internal lock plate. while holding the lock plate up slide the base plate off toward the front of the magazine carefully so the spring and lock plate do not fly out resulting in a lost spring or worse. To install the new grip extension, press the spring and lock plate back into the magazine and hold while sliding on the new extension. You should hear a "snap" as the lock plate pops into the hole in the extension. You are now finished and ready to use your magazine. If you are uncomfortable with doing this procedure, you may consult a local gun shop for assistance.

    I assume no responsibility for your actions in performing this operation, you do this at your own risk. I will not compensate you for your errors.